Order Delicious Food Off Our Menu

Doc's Grill is located inside The El Roco. Try our fresh, homemade food and hand-pattied burgers when you visit us at 1730 13th Ave N, . Appetizers, wraps, salads, and more options are available. Don't forget about our specials!

How to Order

Traditionally, a trip to a restaurant can involve a lot of waiting. Even with great service, we are still required to wait to have our order taken and for the check to arrive before leaving. This can be a frustrating and unsatisfactory experience. Our goal is for you to enjoy a great meal while eliminating as much waiting a possible.

1 - Review the menu.
2 - Place your order at the Doc's Grill counter.
3 - Pay and receive an order number.
4 - Doc's servers will bring your meal to you when it is ready.
5 - Enjoy!


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